For nearly two decades, Cedel group has attained a significant number of businesses that were initially related to finance, the stock market and the banking world; nonetheless, Cedel has diversified into multiple business areas.

Currently, Cedel’s portfolio is comprised of active investments in a broad array of domestic and international sectors. Cedel owns a controlling share of the VMe Network - the 4th largest Spanish Television Network in the United States currently broadcast to more than 70 million U.S. households via cable, satellite, and over-the-air distribution. In addition to VME TV, Cedel owns a controlling share in VMe Kids and a minority share in Nuevo Mundo TV, a Spanish Television Network based in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Cedeno’s full appreciation of a free and independent media guides Cedel’s investments in the television broadcast sector.

Cedel’s other business ventures include investments in one of the largest ground parcel distributors in Central America and South America; an online social polling company; an internet news site providing reports on the Venezuelan financial, business, and political front; and a social data company. Cedel also has investments in manufacturing, aviation, and real estate.